Low Voltage Electrical design [ Light ]

Low Voltage Electrical design [ Light ] 1.1

Low Voltage Electrical design

Low Voltage Electrical design

For the electric engineers and designers, who are spending a lot of time and effort designing Low voltage power distribution networks and cabling, and going deeply into complex mathematical equations to complete compliant design with accurate calculation.

Now we introduce LOW VOLTAGE ELECTRICAL DESIGN. (L.V. Electrical Design light).

In few words, L.V. Electrical design light can make all the calculations for cables design, short circuit current for transformer and cables, voltage drop, power factor correction with capacitors bank and performs all calculation for power network project according to international standard.

L.V. Electrical Design light is full compliant with international electrical standards and code such as (IEC 60502 , IEC 60228 , BS 5476 . BS 7889 , BS 7889 , BS 5467 ).

L.V. Electrical Design light is also flexible enabling the designer to use factors in the calculations according the requirements of the project and also warn the designer if there is any mal or illogic inputs.

L.V. Electrical Design light is an economic solution for the designer and for the client as well, saving time and ef

L.V. Electrical design light: Has three programs to calculate :

1 - Power factor correction: To improve the power factor.

2 - Cable design: To calculate the cable cross section area and cable specification.

3 - Short circuit calculation: To calculate the short circuit from the transformer to the last panel board for 6 stages.

Low Voltage Electrical design [ Light ]


Low Voltage Electrical design [ Light ] 1.1

User reviews about Low Voltage Electrical design [ Light ]

  • Pharaoh Ahmos

    by Pharaoh Ahmos

    "Good and simple"

    Good and simple. but Missing arc flash and the power units in capacitor bank is only kw and hp..   More.

  • Tamer Said

    by Tamer Said

    "Very good and reasonable price."

    It is very good software simple and accurate, But we need arc flash and voltage calculation to complete the design..   More.